School Uniform

The school wishes to outline the school uniform at Scoil Éanna.


Black and should be safe, comfortable and practical

Infants – black with Velcro fasteners

Trainers – worn only on P.E. days

If your child cannot tie laces, shoes with a Velcro fastener will enable him/her to change quickly and independently.


Pupils may wear a navy blue tracksuit to school on P.E. or on other days which might entail extra physical activity. Teachers will inform pupils when these days are arising. While Infant Classes are allowed greater flexibility in terms of wearing the navy blue tracksuit to school each day for practical reasons, 1st – 6th classes are encouraged to wear the uniform, outlined above, each day. Should the occasion arise when pupils need to wear the navy tracksuit for personal or practical reasons, a parental note would be appreciated.

Stripes and Emblems:

Stripes and emblems are not part of the school uniform.

Jeans and Denims:

Jeans and denims are not part of the school uniform.

Sports Wear:

Sports wear worn by pupils when engaged in sports should not be worn during class time.

Caps and Scarves:

Caps and scarves should not be worn by pupils during class time.

Please ensure that all children’s belongings are clearly labelled.

The staff and Board of Management at Scoil Éanna hope that this outline will give greater clarification for parents and pupils in relation to the area of the school uniform. We also wish to thank you for your co-operation and support.