School History

History of Scoil Éanna Bullaun

The evolution of Scoil Éanna into what we know it today had been taking place throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. During Penal times there were hedge schools in the broader Bullaun area. The area of Ballyara denoted as Hedge Town on the maps derived its name from the hedge school in that vicinity during Penal Times. There was subsequently also a hedge school at the site of the Village Store/Harbour Bar area.

In the village square there is the stone façade remnants of what has become known as Keane’s Old House. There was a school here during the mid-19th century. This would have come into place following the establishment of the Education System in Ireland in 1830s.

In 1888 Bullaun National School was built. Like the two classroom schools built throughout Ireland at that time, it consisted of a boys and girls yard separated by a wall with toilets located to the rear of the yard. Two large classrooms which would have had also incorporated an in-class monitor/assistant together with the classroom teacher.

The village structure was somewhat different back then. The old church was located directly across from what was then Bullaun National School.

The tree, which today stands in the middle of the square, was located within the old church grounds.

The former village Post Office still stands today beside the pumps at the shop.

The layout of the village would change into what we know it today during the construction of St. Patrick’s Church at the turn of the 70s.

When Scoil Éanna was opened in 1960 the Bullaun National School building became the local village hall. The Scoil Éanna building was a typical example of three teacher schools built in Ireland in the 60s, complete with water-tower and school shed. Toilets were now located within the building. The usual annual enrolment was in the order of 70 pupils with 3 teachers. It remained so throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s.

This enrolment slowly decreased throughout the 80s and 90s. By the year 2000, enrolment was 39 pupils. Then throughout the early 2000s there was a very significant increase in the number of houses being built within the broader Bullaun area. This was largely due to a highly proactive Bullaun Water Scheme. With the increase in houses being built enrolment at the school escalated. This necessitated the instalment of 4 prefabs. During this time an application was lodged to the Department of Education for a new school building. Throughout the years the school has worked with the Department in order to bring about the completion of this project. Thankfully this process is now at a very advanced stage.

Education has been surviving and thriving in the hedges, classrooms and prefabs in this area for many years.

Today we continue to approach what we do in a spirit of gratitude to those who have preceded us. May we continue to do our best to pass on that spirit to future generations at Scoil Éanna.

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The New School Building Project