News and Recent Happenings

February 2024

World War 2

Students in 5th and 6th created group projects and presented them to the class to deepen their knowledge on the topic of World War 2.  The students used various strategies to present their projects and engage the audience - posters, powerpoints, constructions, news reports and dramas.  

Lá na bPancóga

5th Class loved making their own pancake batter for Pancake Tuesday ! The perfect treat before Lent!  

Lots of real life experience using measures in maths.

St Brigid's Day

This year 5th class created clay St Brigid's Crosses which they can bring home in the coming weeks!   The St Brigid's Cross is said to protect the home. 

Each child created a completely unique artwork which they are painting and glazing and preparing to bring home.

January 2024

"A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved" - Fractions 5th Class

5th Class have been tackling fractions in the last month.  They used peer teaching to help them to solve those tricky fraction problems.

Fun with Fractions

Fourth class started the new year off on a tough topic. They compared fractions and decimals and matched them. Fun games were had to aid in the learning of a hard topic.

December 2023

Christmas Festivities

5th class enjoyed the build up to Christmas.  They created their own Christmas Village Art Projects and enjoyed some Christmas Music!

November 2023

Fourth class success

Fourth class recently won a teamwork award for their video "Why does the length of day change from Summer to Winter?" in the Reel Life science video competition. The class worked really hard as a group and it was fantastic to receive an award for teamwork. Well done fourth class. The video can be accessed on the following link: 

Shadow Puppet Theatre

For Science week, 5th class have been creating puppets using opaque materials to explore how shadow puppets can be created.

Each child, created their own story and retold their stories to the class.

October 2023

Halloween Fun 

First and Second class joined forces to fight off evil spirits this Halloween. We had lots of fun making potions and creating magic capes.

Well done 5th class for getting into character!

Happy Halloween

Fantastic effort across the school for our dress up day for Halloween! Well done everyone! 

Enjoy the break!!

Reel Life Science

4th class created a video for the Reel Life Science competition. They worked extremely hard on creating a video describing how the length of day changes from Summer to Winter. The class really enjoyed the process and learned so much from doing the video.

Girls Football Mini 7s 

Well done to our Girls Football Mini 7s panel who did themselves proud competing in our blitz in Bullaun pitch. They had a fantastic opening game, beating Kiltullagh, but unfortunately came up against a very strong G.S Uí Cheithearnaigh team who went on to win out the final on the day. There was very high quality football played on the day and the girls should be very proud of themselves. 

Camogie Mini 7s Team Progress to the Finals 

Congratulations to our camogie mini 7s team who won all of their matches on their blitz day in St Thomas' pitch. The girls played Peterswell, Ballyglass, St Ita's and Leitrim coming out on top in each game. They fought hard and gave every ounce of their energy. The team now progress to the Mini 7s Camogie finals day on Tuesday 17th of October at Kilconieron GAA Grounds at 9:30am. Best of luck girls. 

Creating Craters

4th class have been exploring how craters are created. The class dropped different sized balls into boxes of flour and cocoa powder from a variety of heights. These created craters and we then measured how much of a diameter the craters had. This simulates the impact a meteorite has on Earth. Craters can also be created by volcanic activity or an explosion but thankfully we didn't have either of those in the classroom!!

September 2023


The children in 5th were reading about unusual houses and homes around the world. After looking at the work of Mars Jr. (an illustrator), they decided to create a drawing of their own skyscrapers to create a cityscape.

Scratch Coding

5th class have been learning about block coding through Scratch.  Each child animated their names using code.  It is great to see each child bringing their interests into their projects.  The children were applying the maths concepts we have been learning about to animate too - real life maths - degrees of rotations etc.

Sunny shadows

4th class enjoyed the sunshine this week by completing an experiment on the Sun and the shadows it creates. We have been looking at how the Earth spins on an axis while also orbiting around the Sun. This leads to our shadows being different sizes and going in different directions at different times during the day. To see how this works we drew our shadows in the yard early in the day and stood in the same spot later to see how much our shadows moved. We were amazed to see how quickly  this happens.

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